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An excellent free tool to help programmers to write and edit their code
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Rejbrand Text Editor is an excellent free tool designed to help programmers to write and edit their code in a more intuitive environment than in that one offered by similar tools. This editing tool has specific color schemes to highlight the syntax of XML, Delphi/Object Pascal, or INI files, as well as a useful “vowels and consonants” color layout. It also includes various useful tools, such as direct FTP connection, and an “Export to XHTML” utility.

This program can open any UTF-8 and 8-bit ASCII file, and will apply the corresponding syntax highlighting layout automatically. Any of these color schemes can be easily customized, using its own color selector. All the expected editing functionality of similar code editors is also available here – find and replace, indentations, tabs, etc., but the beauty of Rejbrand Text Editor lies in those tools that you will not find in other code editing programs. To name a few, this editor includes a utility to export your texts as XHTML files, the possibility of executing the code without leaving the text editor and without closing the code file, or a convenient FTP connection window.

The importance given to XHTML is evident right from the start. Together with the already mentioned export tool, the editor includes a menu to help you insert XHTML labels in a more efficient way.

It is important to note also the extensive list of keyboard commands and hot keys that come with the program, which you can find by pressing F1 and that will certainly make your most tedious coding tasks a lot easier.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Versatile color schemes for easier and faster coding tasks
  • Export to XHTML" utility
  • Simple, yet versatile free editing tool


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